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Inshore Waters forecast

The inshore waters forecast issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency for coastal areas up to 12 miles offshore.

From Sunday, 20 May 2018 0000 UTC until Monday, 21 May 2018 0000 UTC

General situation at 2300 UTC on Saturday, 19 May 2018
High pressure will remain in charge across southern and eastern areas during the next few days. Meanwhile Atlantic fronts will affect northern and western areas to bring strong winds and rain at times.

Selsey Bill to Lyme Regis

24 hour forecast: Wind: Variable, backing east or southeast, 3 or 4. Sea state: Smooth or slight. Weather: Fair. Visibility: Good, occasionally poor for a time.
Outlook for the following 24 hours: Wind: East, backing northeast, then becoming variable for a time, 3 or 4. Sea state: Smooth or slight. Weather: Fair. Visibility: Good.

Tides: area South, port Portsmouth (UTC)

High 0230 4.6 Low 0753 0.9 High 1518 4.6 Low 2021 1.3

Rule of twelfths, highlight is >= 2.3m

Avg Range is 3.57
02304.60W.Fl  07530.90E.Fl  15184.60W.Fl
03304.29W.Sl  08531.21E.Fl  16184.32W.Sl
04303.67W.Eb  09531.82E.Fl  17183.77W.Eb
05302.75W.Eb  10532.75E.Fl  18182.95W.Eb
06301.82W.Eb  11533.68E.Fl  19182.12W.Eb
07301.21W.Eb  12534.29W.Fl  20181.57W.Eb
08300.90E.Fl  13534.60W.Fl  21181.30E.Fl